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Real Estate Sale & Purchase Agreement

Real Estate Sale & Purchase Agreement (RESPA)

Real Estate Sale & Purchase Agreement (RESPA)

At your request, you are asking me to prepare purchase and sale documents for the sale and/or purchase of the below property. As I explained to you in our meeting, call or email, I am providing the necessary documents to facilitate the sale of the property. I am not providing any other services or functions at this time. I advise you to hire and work through a real estate broker because a broker will provide many useful services, such as assisting the parties in obtaining inspections and working with the escrow company. In order to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion, I want to make it clear that, other than providing the necessary paperwork, I am not providing the typical type of services that would be provided by a real estate broker. Accordingly, unless I hear from you stating otherwise, I will assume that I have no further duties in this matter.
The flat fee price that I quoted (if any) assumes only set of revisions by the parties. Any additional revisions will be completed at my standard hourly rate.
A seller who accepts the terms of the buyer's purchase offer should sign the offer making it an official purchase agreement. The seller is required by law to provide certain disclosures such as of any known defects of the property, including the existence of any lead-based paint.

Ensure You include telephone number, loan number and balances of each obligation